About the System

This portable system uses insulated canvas material for the walls, door and ceiling to ensure heat loss inside the enclosure is kept to a minimum. The floor is made from a thick durable vinyl material. It is designed to be used to kill all life stages of insects. All openings to the enclosure (door and windows) have “hook and loop” material flaps sewn on as additional protection to help ensure heat loss around zippers and windows are minimized. The hook and loop fasteners also ensure that insects harboraging in items placed inside the enclosure can not escape through the zipper teeth.

The enclosure is supported by framework that the upper corners of the walls are attached to. This allows for the loading of furnishings prior to turning on the heating system and inflating the enclosure. The hot air from the blower will inflate the enclosure in 2-5 minutes of running time once all openings have been closed.

The heating system is placed inside the enclosure prior to zipping and sealing the hook and loop flaps over the zipper. The heater has a fresh intake from an opening on the door of the enclosure. There are two (2) 15 amp circuits in the heater. These are run off separate power cords that are pulled through a side opening of the enclosure. These cords can than be plugged into standard household outlets. The opening on the side of the enclosure is where the cords to the controller for all operations of the heater are passed through. Thermo-couplers from the controller for all temperature measurements are passed through the same side opening. The opening for all power cords and thermo-couplers has a string sewn around it to pull tight and tie prior to starting the heat process.

The controller box has an on/off switch to control all stages of the heating process. There is a switch to check each thermo-coupler placed in the enclosure. This allows temperatures to be monitored in all locations inside the enclosure. The controller is programmed to heat the enclosure at a rate that will protect sensitive items placed inside. The controller will provide present temperature and running time in each phase of the heat treatment. The controller can be programmed for different maximum temperatures and hold times at each desired stage of the process.

The heat system has a blower to move the heated air, creating a cyclone type effect on the air moving inside the enclosure. This allows all items placed in the enclosure to reach the desired temperature at a faster rate than could be achieved by only using radiant heat. The blower plays a major role in inflating the insulated canvas material to ensure no items placed inside will be in contact with the material. This helps ensure there are no cool spots available for insects to escape the high temperatures.

If you would like to read about the system specifications in detail, you can find them all in this system specifications. You can see the packing list of all the items which come with the product ptc_packing_list. You may also watch out updated set up video on Youtube!

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