About Us

features_and_benefitsWith the ever increasing resurgence of bed bug infestations in commercial, multi-housing and residential sectors, Hetta Solutions has developed the Portable Thermal Chamber (PTC, Patent pending) as a proven effective tool to eliminate all life stages of insects (egg to adult).

Hetta Solutions is comprised of individuals with over 70 years of combined pest control industry experience and 30 years of market innovation in controls applications. 

Research from experts in the industry, data from property management companies, hotels, the health care industry and PMP’s brought Hetta Solutions to the design and development of the PTC. Heat is the only proven method to eliminate bed bug infestations that are embedded deep into furnishings that can not be penetrated by insecticides, steam or freezing methods. Research also showed that consumers were looking for non-chemical solutions that were effective, allowing them to save infested items. This led to a design using the benefits of heat with an innovative concept of a light weight, portable system that eliminates the need for large trucks and trailers to move equipment to the job site.

Hetta Solutions recommends precise targeted applications (chemical or other alternative methods) to the rooms that infested items placed in the PTC came from. This combination of focused heat and targeted applications will ensure elimination of bed bug infestations and increased revenue for the PMP.

Mission Statement

Assist Pest Control Professionals and communities with the ability to efficiently and sustainably eliminate pest’s with the use of heat.

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